Survey results 2019

Here are the results of the recent members survey
Survey Members Results DYC June 23rd 2019 Many thanks to everyone who has completed the survey. To make the document smaller and easier to read all one word yes/no type answers have been deleted. There is a lot of information here but worth a read.
Increase the membership numbers DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 90 ·No = 2 ·Don’t know = 0 ·Comments:- ·Yes, of course - but not at all costs. Falling numbers equals less revenue, rising subscriptions, lower numbers sailing etc. ·Yes maybe if you can introduce a full paying new member you could offer discount to the person who brings the newbie ·Yes, provided we have room for their boats. The capacity of the dinghy park seems to be a constraint ·Yes- if possible bearing in mind the clubs geographical location ·Yes, sailing and water sports members, not social members. ·we need to increase the number of sailing members but not purely a matter of numbers. ·Yes - we need to increase the number of WATER SPORTS members. ·Yes, always hard to do, but should definitely be an aim. ·Not really. There must be legal limits to how many can use the club somewhere.
Open the Club to a wider water sports audience, swiss replica watches for example SUPs, windsurfers and other boat users. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 86 ·No =4 Don’t know = 0 ·Comments:- ·Not sure what SUPs are but windsurfers yes and other non power as long as it doesn't decrease sailing time ·Yes - but not jet skis! ·Yes for all forms of sail-craft, kite-surfers and SUPs. No to jet-skis / speedboats or other motorised craft. ·Yes, but not jet skiers (not jet skiers) ·Yes. The power boaters amongst us feel ostracised. ·Yes - but beyond the Rowers how many others participate in watersports in an organised way that could be communicated with. ·I was under the impression it already was ·Yes with reservations. Trial period? Will some of these groups benefit from being in a group? Will our changing facilities cope? ·YES. When the name was changed to Yacht Club from Sailing Club, that was intended to include ALL water sports (even motor-boats). That was never over-ridden. The motor-boats lost interest when they discovered they still had to use the harbour slip. ·Yes. whatever SUP's may be. ·Yes - all water sports - including powerboats and jetskis! ·Yes, Kayak'ers for example need somewhere to change / shower too, and store boats. ·Yes, but not powered boats. ·Yes the decline in cruiser sailors needs to be filled ·Yes, this may require a rethink regarding boat parks unused vessels. ·Yes, definitely. Although I would try and keep it to organically powered, rather than motorized. ·Yes. I think we should embrace kite surfing more as well. ·With conditions. Parking of kit? Access conflicts on race days? ·Yes but not jet skis!
Have the building open more often with more on offer for Members, for example morning coffee, Sunday papers. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 82 ·No = 4 ·Don’t know = 6 ·Comments:- ·Yes - perhaps a cafe franchise on the premises ·Only relevant to Aberdovey inhabitants. If they want it they should staff it. I'm happy with it being open around sailing times. Would like more sailing times though eg Friday evenings, Sundays ·Don't believe there would be sufficient uptake due to local population numbers and highly seasonal and weekend nature of visitor numbers. ·Yes provided it is a proper coffee machine and not Rijo 42 coffee which nearly everybody sells and is not the nicest coffee. ·Yes. Forming a reasturant would be especially welcome, and with the clubs location could be a very good income stream. ·A Nice idea in our location but we then have to address once more the vexed question of a Full time Steward with the additional issues this raises ·Yes (assuming it is financially possible) ·yes, yes but not open to the general public using the loos or water taps. ·I’m only there in main sailing times so doesn’t apply to me ·Yes. Staffing? ·Yes if financially viable. ·Possibly. It would be very nice but practically difficult without employing someone ·Don't think it will be very useful. Anyone who wants to use it when it is not already open can use their key fob. How would you staff it? Cost? ·Yes - but we need to maintain a focus on our core purpose - which is being a water sports club. ·It is usually open/available when I am there so I don't feel it is fair for me to comment ·This is a good idea but will this need someone in the Galley either or volunteer ·Unlikely to use this, need to be sure there will be demand. ·Yes, a coffee shop would be good not sure about Sunday papers ·Yes. I think the key here is a structured, predictable timetable. One of the reasons why the bar has done well in recent years is because it is open every Wednesday and Friday. People know that so they make those dates part of their week. If new things are introduced and are regular and kept to then it could build. It can be disappointing to plan to go to the club for a coffee or a beer t find it is shut and will put people off for the future. ·Yes but who is going to do this? Extra cleaning involved at a cost?
Make better use of the building financially, particularly outside of the summer season, for example as venue hire. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 90 ·No = 0 ·Don’t know = 2 ·Comments · ·Yes as long as it doesn't interfere with sailing ·Yes, definitely. Would need better marketing. ·Yes, but it depends on defining what type of events are suitable / acceptable on a case by case basis. ·Provided the financial return makes it very worth while and worth the possible inconvenience it may cause members. ·Yes- within reason as the sizeof the club limits certain activities and do we have a feel for the local activities that might use. Private functions could be encouraged Again raises Management Resource Issues ·It has been used for this purpose in the past, and still is as far as we are aware. ·Yes but only if it doesn’t impact on sailing - the clubs main reason for existing - there have been occasions in the past when sailors couldn’t use the changing rooms because of venue hire ·Yes but not at times that it could be used for sailing/ watersports ·Yes BUT Not on any day when sailing is scheduled. ·Yes - but isn't DYC already available for hire? ·If this does not cause more work for the committee members, I think they do enough ·Yes definitely need to use the building for venue hire ·Yes I thought was already happening in a small winter community is there much more that can be achieved ·Yes. We got married at DYC and it was very cheap to hire. When you get married the bills are pretty big and venue hire is a big part of it. If it was £1000 rather than the £100 or whatever it is now, I don't reckon you would get any objections. 10 weddings for the price of one! Best venue in Aberdyfi without a doubt, so maybe push it on the website and amongst the membership and it could be a great earner. ·Yes, if we had the right staff even if this was outsourced you could hire DYC our 52 weeks a year. ·Yes. Needs promoting in the area.
Have a better and wider social scene for Members that can also raise funds for the Club. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 90 ·Skipped: 2 ·Yes = 88 ·No = 0 ·Don’t know = 2 ·Comments ·I would prefer to raise funds from increased membership. Which I think comes from offering more sailing. ·Yes - but keep entry fees down. Suppers are now too expensive in the view of many. ·Yes. But you need to provide food. ·Do we know what we w mean by |Better and Wider Social scene- if we mean changing the character of the club this will have manpower and management issues requiring Club/Social Manager responsibilities and a shift away from the current Club ethos ·In principle yes but I was on the social committee and ran the toppers last time that was tried and it made it very stressful for organisers as it meant for example there were no funds for topper prizes by the time we had paid the safety boat fuel and crew . Also events like the beetle drive had to be subsidised by the individuals running the event . ·Yes, although sailing members come from far afield so dates need careful picking. Targeting of social club members to involve them more. Yes. H ·Yes. There is currently little integration between social and sailing members- I often don’t feel comfortable going to the social evening on Wednesday and Friday because I don’t know anyone and feel like an outsider. ·This would only work for locals wouldn't it? and especially social ones? ·Yes but this needs to be thoughtfully planned to ensure that a profit not a loss is made ·Yes but the current club layout is not very social oriented. ·Yes. It always requires motivated people to take ownership of these initiatives but if they exist then it would be great to see it grow. ·Yes, when we have meals at DYC I feel that for me example £5 per ticket should go to the club, after all we are providing a free revenue stream for some people. If you think about outside caterers at shows they all pay for their pitch, why should this be any different at DYC? ·No problem with this
Increase Members’ feeling of Club ownership / responsibility, so that more people want to volunteer and get actively involved in the success and future of the Club. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 87 ·No = 2 ·Don’t know = 3 ·Comments:- ·Good idea but there are significant difficulties for members who do not have homes in the Aberdovey area. - finding accommodation is difficult and expensive. ·Not sure. See next answer ·Fine in principle but difficult to achieve this unless there's increased active participation in sailing / water activities . ·Yes but may prove difficult. ·Sadly after many years I believe we have to accept that volunteering and active involvement is not easy to encourage especially as DYC catchment area is restrictive- clearly the larger the membership the greater the possibility of some success. This is not unique to DYC but a similar malaise generally- ageing membership! and lack of committment! and practicality! I recall that over 70% of DYC membership lives some way away ·Yes if possible. ·Yes particularly Social members. How ? ·Not sure. I think because a lot of sailing members travel big distances, to then have to volunteer rather than partake in sailing is not going to encourage them. There needs to be a flexible system- some would rather pay for someone else to do duties. I would rather pay someone to do safety boat rather than do it myself. I think the paid staff are better and are less likely to damage the safety boat/ engines. Also, I would feel safer having a good experienced safety team. I would be prepared to pay a starting fee in order to have a good safety team. ·Yes - but how? ·Yes - isn't this the holy grail? ·Yes Some clubs have a Bar/Galley rota and you are expected to give time to this each year ·We like the club very much but do not live locally - would be good to see how members who holiday regularly in Aberdovey could be engaged when they are not there. Maybe an analysis of where they live would be a place to start? ·Yes but it’s getting members to do it! ·Really tricky one this. In an ideal world it would be great if everyone cared about the success and future of the club and felt a sense of ownership. However, it is not probably going to be achievable, and it may not be realistic because of human nature rather than anything the club does, so it may well come down to a balance between carrot and stick. A great aim to have though. ·Yes, I’ve only been a member for a few months but feel my volunteering has helped the club already. ·I agree. How do you propose to do this? ·Sometimes difficult with full time working etc ·Not sure. Many members are not around food much of the year. We would be willing to do more 'pay as you go I think.
WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK would be a good thing to aim for? ·Answered: 57 ·Skipped: 35 ·May I suggest looking at the North London Sailing Association Model: a busy sailing centre in Stoke Newington and a residential centre at Brightling Sea. Perhaps AYC could amalgamate with another inland club ·More sailing. Not enough at the moment to justify the membership fee or make people feel part of a club. ·I think you should open the bar more during peek summer times that would generate more revenue - often the bar is not open on regular times its more on a if someone fancies it ·A spruce up and make the whole place more appealing. Tidy up the downstairs including the enclosed porch area and the kitchen area. A smart notice put up on the downstairs window showing all the fees to join etc. ·Just probably be open more and sports tv ·I think it's essential to get more local people involved, especially in running the club. It is more difficult for visitors, however regular, to contribute. Explore synergies with the golf club. e.g chefs / restaurant. Our location in the village and the view is a massive asset. ·The cafe or the bar is rarely open when I am in Aberdovey, which detracts from its use for me. I know it needs to be profitable for someone to orginise and administer, but ·The bar being open more over the weekends ie Friday night, Saturday nights etc and open Saturday nights when there’s no functions ·More members to come in the winter ·Having female instructors ·Winter Talks - Card Evenings etc etc ·The club is generally tired. When you walk through the door you basically walk into the kitchen. Whilst appreciateing that the club needs a wet kitchen for sailing days, this area could be used as a coffee loung especially if the area where the rescue boats are stored was used for outdoor seating and it could be opened up to the public. Again a good revenue stream. ·Make families whose members use club boats make more substantial payments to support this facility ·see 11 below. Do you follow-up after open days by sending emails & promotions to participants & offer further incentives for them to join? ·We now live in an age of mergers to survive I fear! But short of some mutual relationship with the Golf Club this does not look easy locally ·Not sure ·All v good ·control spending ·Greater opportunity for open events to attract more visitors to the club ·Happy hour Discont for members none members pay hire price Sky sports BT sport August bar open more days Bring a friend sailing - pay one off fee on day Country membership/oversea membership ·more paid staff. People on holiday do not to be working ! ·Daily/Weekly membership for holiday makers to use facilities? ·pop up restaurant events up stairs maybe? ·Easier sailing better stuff for teenagers plus informal fun things ·Get more local involvement in water sports, not just seasonal/ weekend holiday members. Machynlleth is 15 minutes away but few people know there is a water sports sailing club. ·Increased participation by local people so the club isn’t reliant on holiday sailors ·A way of encouraging more locals to sail. ·Better comms ·To do most of these things effectively the club would probably need a steward which is not cost effective at the moment, I would think. ·Charging a big fee for those windsurf trailers or move them to make space for boats. If you can’t get more boats in you can’t significantly increase membership ·Reduce cost of safety boat cover while ensuring adequate qualified cover is maintained. Easy said I know. Press Gwynedd council to include within our Leese the area occupied by windsurfing trailers , would result in more members along with income from trailer storage. ·Make children feel more welcome ·Reintroduce Friday suppers a lot of members leave to eat else where ·More local outreach work (schools, sports clubs ,scouts , guides, W.I etc). However this would require a larger pool of volunteers. ·A stronger financial position, which will enable the club to consider a wider range of options for the future. ·I wonder if newer members (and inexperienced sailors) would appreciate some non competitive sailing early in the summer season, before they start racing, but at the weekend, not everyone can make a Friday night ·Create an interior design worthy of the enviable location ·When we do club taster sessions for the public we need to be able to offer a club membership and training package at the same time which they can sign up to ·On a trial basis, so it can be evaluated, open it up to the public. Charge higher bar/coffee prices and therfore make extra revenue for the club, providing we are already VAT registered. If we are not, then don't go over the VAT threshold, otherwise it could be costly. ·WE HAVE TO LOOK AT EXPANDING OUR HOME MEMBER BASE. WE ARE PERCEIVED AS A CLUB FOR HOLIDAY SAILORS FROM ENGLAND WITH LITTLE CONCERN FOR LOCAL ISSUES ·Not sure ·At certain times open bar to the public? ·Need to capitalise on regular summer visitors. Run summer camps for juniors, learn to sail, kayak sessions for sit on kayaks....maybe a two hr session for people that have bought their own and want to learn skills over a couple of weeks in summer hols.... ·More theme food nights ·Do we have a children’s sailing club? ·More access to boats and more regular safety boats on the water to allow full use of sailing when conditions are right. Bar and food available at set opening times during the holidays. BBQ facilities open to members? ·Not sure ·Bums on seats in boats. Whatever form it takes, if people are on the water entering races, women only days, picnics, Friday night sailing for fun, kids pirates...etc then it is a job well done. ·Full year sailing season/ more balance between summer events. More open events to increase numbers of boats for club members to race against. Cadet/ On board type scheme to engage local young people and their families. ·I think you do a great job. Whatever you manage to do additionally will be a bonus. ·After schools club, sea scouts, ask outward bound to use club boats for courses which they can pay for, power boat sharing, external club water sports events such sup races, wind/kite surfing events where they pay the club. More weddings, funeral, naming ceremonies hire etc. Your doing a great job! Xx ·Continued encouragement of young sailors ·We need to make sure everyone who regularly comes to DYC is a member. ·I am a new member and I must say we are really impressed by the warmth of the welcome and all the people we have met. ·Links with other clubs ·Improve the galley and look at a possible tender for it to offer a takeaway cafe type facility offering soup sandwiches ice creams etc to members and general public ·If the club could offer food on a regular basis - at lunch and supper time during high season.
To help achieve some of the above the Committee would like to seek Members approval at the AGM to:- Change the name of the Club to Dovey Sailing and Water Sports Club. Do you agree? Comments ·Answered: 90 ·Yes = 66 ·No = 20 ·Don’t know = 4 ·Comments:- ·Yes. A Yatch club sounds too pretentious. ·absolutely and definately not ·No too broad. Might need to decide which other water sports first. Dovey Sailing Club in meantime ·Definitely no. Clumsy messy lots of unnecessary work years of tradition. Trophies logos etc ·Yes - think this sounds more inviting to potential outside members ·A bit of a mouthful. Not sure this is necessary ·Too long. Should use Welsh spelling: Clwb Hwylio Dyfi Sailing Club ·No, you have had a water skiing membership in the past so there is no need to change the name ·We are our history - it took near 20 years to recover from the last name change. LEAVE as DYC. A change will not change public perception of the club - more involvement in the local community will achieve far more ·Why not just DYFI Water Sports Club? (Sailing is a water sport!) & please could we have the Welsh spelling as the river is the Dyfi (not Dovey!) OS maps say Afon Dyfi. ·Yes- but may need to consider including 'and Social' ·Dovey Sailing Club, as it was originally would be fine in our opinion. ·Yes more water sports would increase memberships ·No don’t think you should remove the word yacht. Maybe... Dovey Yacht and Water Sports Club. Needs new visible signage. ·Yes - it opens it up more. ·NO, Please see this definition:- A yacht club is an organization of boat owners, both sail and power, that caters to the needs of the boaters through lessons and racing as well as social programs. Community sailing groups, on the other hand, try to introduce ALL people to the sport of sailing through outreach programs and lessons Suggestwe keep the Yacht Club (to cater for Motor boats) and, if necessary add all water born activities. ·bit of a mouthful ·no too long, Dovey Water Sports Club? Or keep the current name ·Don’t mind . Yacht club definitely out of date as there are no yachts anymore ·Yes. Overheard a comment referring to the club as Hooray Henrys! ·Plus welsh version Should it be Aberdovey? ·NO< NON,NO - When the name was changed to Yacht Club from Sailing Club, that was intended to include ALL water sports (even motor-boats). That was never over-ridden. The motor-boats lost interest when they discovered they still had to use the harbour slip. ·Yes. I think the word yacht in the title has often been a barrier to attracting new members. ·It really should be Dyfi - we're in Wales! Also, shorten it to Dyfi Water Sports Club (which could have a sub-header on official paper, website etc that says: incorporating Dovey Yacht Club & Aberdovey Rowing Club) ·Needs to be bilingual ·No, the name is already well known why change it ·Aberdovey Beach Club. More google friendly ·If it really helps but I like the name as it is ·I like it sound like we are offering more opportunities. ·Yes, I would. I hope it has the desired effect of bringing new people in. If it does, it will have been a good call. ·Yes. No problem with me. Sounds good. ·No. Traditionally the existing name is sufficient. ·Yes, anything to help keep the club going ·No. DYC is part of RYA and has a wide audience globally. I take the point that we don’t just do Yachting but it’s our brand name. Nobody cares what M&S sells, or B&Q or what they mean The addition if Water Sports might be legally necessary in the constitution but don’t meddle with the brand name Change at your peril ·Makes sense - the whole wider kite surfing, jet ski community needs to be reached out to. ·Yes that would be more appropriate ·Not sure. Dover Yacht Club feels an iconic name.
Change the membership definitions so that all Members, including Social Members, are treated the same and to give everyone more ownership. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 89 ·Yes = 71 ·No = 9 ·Don’t know = 9 ·Comments:-= ·Does this mean one membership fee for all? I think that would be a good idea. I'm not sure what you mean by ownership. Voting rights? ·There has to be a distinction otherwise everyone should pay the same membership fee! ·Could work didn't agree having separate social members years ago ·Surely this would mean increasing social membership fees. At present only a full member can use the club boats. They pay full membership fees to have boat storage. As a social member I would be prepared to pay £200 and have the use of club boats to sail. I don't know what effect this would have on club funds? I don't know how many people pay full membership who don't store a boat. Would a fee of £200 encourage people to join if they knew they could sail a boat? ·If social members are to have AGM voting rights there must be safeguards to ensure the club remains a sailing club and not become a drinking club. ·don't know ·I don't know what this means in practice. ·NO - I believe there there should continue to be a 'lower priced' social membership ·This might be the only way to encourage greater member management support and assistance ·I wasn’t aware that the different memberships were treated differently. Are there different perks? ·no, there should only be full members, not a lessor social member level. ·Don’t mind but if social members outweigh water sports membership will that mean social events trump water sports - see previous comments ·Depends on what this involves? Yes ·Social membership fees could go up as the bar is opened specifically for them and they have the best view in Aberdovey to appreciate. Location.location, location. ·Social members at the moment are just part of a cheap drinking club and don’t really integrate. I think social members should contribute more. I don’t quite see the point of it other than making money from the bar. It would be better if they were partners/relatives of sailing members rather than people just wanting cheap drinks and then more likely to contribute to the club. ·NO. It is too easy for social members to over-ride Sailing members if they have full voting rights. And I don't really think people feel "ownership" one way or the other. "Membership" perhaps ·If they're not treated the same now, why aren't they and how? ·I think we should drop the distinction between social and full members and just have one class of membership. Everyone should pay the same fee for membership and water users should then pay an additional cost that reflects the cost of their activity e.g. dinghy sailors pay for dinghy park and rescue. SUP users pay for SUP hire and safety. Windsurfers pay for safety etc..... ·Not sure about this. What were the reasons for distinct membership categories in the first place? Presumably so the Club continues to be run by sailors for sailors primarily. ·NO. The problem with that suggestion is that people with no interest in sailing could be making decisions regarding the club and its activities. ·Yes as long as the main ethos remains as to further the sport of sailing and other water sports ·Depends on pricing ·No. Whilst the social side is important for the club, I am not convinced that they would take any further ownership from being considered full members and I think voting for important water borne agenda items may become tricky. Sailing first, social second in my view, but that is not to say that their (financial) contribution is not important. It is. ·No as there are too many more social members which will close the door on water sports members. ·No. The emphasis should be on those sailing and other water sports ·Not sure what you mean by this. ·Don’t agree with the wording: what does ‘treated the same’ actually mean?
The Committee is not proposing to do any of the following:-We don’t want to turn the Club into a commercial water sports enterprise. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 91 ·Yes = 83 ·No = 5 ·Don’t know = 3 ·Comments:- ·it may be the way forward. ·Not sure - would like to hear the argument fore and against ·Yes. I don't think there is a big enough difference between the fees paid by social members and full members. Sailing members use a lot more resources but don't contribute as much on a pro rate basis. ·You already sell sailing/PB2 & SB courses to non-members!! These are charged at a higher rate which is a good income source. ·Not necessarily ·YES ALTHOUGH IT IS ALREADY "COMMERCIAL" IN A SENSE AS IT NEEDS TO MAKE MONEY ·I’m not sure what that means. Need more explanation ·I’m my opinion, it would be more beneficial to the club if it was run slightly more commercially during the holiday seasons ·Sponsorship selected carefully could help with costs ·No. I think the way young people want to sail has changed. People want to pay for an experience rather than be tied into a club. I think the club would miss out on a huge market if it doesn’t change. There are several people qualified to teach. I think we should allow members of the public to book an instructor and boat for an hour for a significant fee. Book and pay online in advance. This would give the opportunity for instructors to earn some money, make money for the club and give people the chance to sail without commitment. This should be available throughout all the holidays. Could be 9-10, 10-11 am and maybe 4-5pm. ·We already offer courses at commercial prices and should continue to do so. If you mean should we hire out boats to the general public, then I don't think we should. ·I believe we could extend the club offering and give out licences to other people to run courses. ie windsurfing, kitesurfing. etc. ·Yes, though should be open to being more commercially minded. ·Yes. Is this a likely scenario? I think it should remain a club. ·I think we have to do whatever we need to in order to make it a sustainable undertaking, inclusive, affordable, bringing new people into water sports. ·Can be both. ·Partly. Other water sport users should be encouraged to join the club. E.g powerboats, jet skis etc etc so that the club can educating everyone to live sensibly together ·Why not? You could explore the opportunities as long as it benefits the club financially ·It might be the way out of debt
We don’t want to move away from being volunteer led. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 81 ·No = 7 ·Don’t know = 6 ·Comments:- ·Sounds great in principal. ·Yes. But might need to pay for some services to enable sailing. ·I would have thought it's all that can be afforded. ·YES BUT OPINION MAY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE ·Not necessarily. If the club could afford to employ e.g. a full time bosun or bar manager I think it should. Holiday makers / weekenders probably want to sail not work. ·No. Professional management could lead to greater revenue. ·unsure - would need regular staff if opened to the public. ·We don't have enough volunteers do we? I see the problem of not being able to sail as regularly as we would like to as we are needed as volunteers! ·If possible BUT! ·Yes, but all clubs have employees to man bars etc. ·Yes (unless necessary) ·Not entirely ·Not really ·There should be a minimum number of paid staff so that a minimum weekly program of activity can be more consistent. ·There should be a ‘pay to opt out’ option. Not everyone has the time or inclination to volunteer. In an idea world everyone should help out but not everyone wants to. So long as they pay a decent amount to opt out ie what it would cost to pay for safety boat for several sessions then I don’t see a problem. Plenty of youngsters want to earn money. ·Maybe a paid steward for the 3 peak summer weeks ? ·Again, we shouldn't shut the door on any options at this stage. Being volunteer led only works if there are enough volunteers, which is something that DYC (and many other clubs) are struggling with. If we can't recruit sufficient volunteers, then we may have to consider a different model e.g. paid staff. ·Yes, providing we can get volunteers. ·Yes...but I think if you had paid coaches it may help to develop more ·Again it’s getting the volunteers! ·Yes but if very successful the option to employ a multi task /multi skilled person(s) particularly in the summer months may need to be considered in the medium/long term. ·Agree in principle for sure. As sailing secretary I bumped up against this problem all the time. The more that can be done by volunteers the better (always requires a little pressure) but need to be open to paying to get the job done too, otherwise it may not happen. ·I'm neutral on this. If growth of membership and broader services require paid help then we need to consider it...The upside on income should cover the additional cost. ·Yes in this day and age I think paying people to do certain things would be a good idea. Shared volunteering would also help. ·No. There is a place for members to help and enjoy being part of the club ·Yes, but we also need to be realistic that peoples time is valuable. I’m able to come every other weekend but wouldn’t want to volunteer every time I’m there but am certainly happy to do my bit ·Agree. We can’t afford to pay club stewards anyway ·Again not sure - if financially viable (from maximising bar and venue sales, a laid administrator/cleaner whose job it is to keep the club clean and well structured may be a sensible move. ·Possibly. Puts a big demand on volunteers.
We don’t want to open parts of the Club for public use (e.g. turning the bar into a public café). DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 92 ·Yes = 81 ·No = 7 ·Don’t know = 4 ·Comments:- ·it may be the best way to raise money. ·Don't think the lease allows this ·Yes most definitely. It might be too popular. Possibly open the club bar once a month to entice people in who may just join if only as social members. Would the club loose out on any vat, tax, or charity benefits if it opens its doors on a commercial basis? ·No. Why not use the ground floor for public use and keep upstairs for members. ·unsure - would increase revenue - would need to offer a significant discount for members otherwise would loose benefit of social membership. ·No I don't agree. I believe that turning the bar into a 'community café' or similar would be a brilliant idea which would integrate the yacht club with the village & would generate extra income which is vital. It is after all, the best located spot in Cardigan Bay & would be a draw for tourists too. Let's get some more 'buzz' about the place & be more 'inclusive'. ·Yes. The club should do as much as it can to be viable but should also have a air of exclusivity. Isn’t that what a “club” is supposed to be? ·Would it not bring in more revenue? ·yes. Members can bring a guest once or twice, thereafter the guest should become a member. ·No I think a public cafe might be good but probably logistically difficult ·At the moment ·We may have to and I don't believe we should shut the door on this option. In my opinion, our costs are too high in relation to our income and unless we can significantly raise income by recruiting more members, we may need to consider ways of making our assets work harder. We need to consider the possibility that DYC may not be able to remain a private membership club for ever. ·No, but have different prices so there is a member benefit. ·No but it needs regular times and some open events to attract new members and make the most of the location. Some food, for example hot dogs would be a real money maker in the summer. ·Yes, I agree, it is a club and should remain so. Plenty of places for the public to go in Aberdyfi. ·Yes...I think there is more access that can be given, but completely public might be a bit too far at this juncture. ·There would be opposition from the local cafes if you did I think. ·Yes, it’s s members club ·Agree. The town council would not let it happen anyway. We’d be enemy number 1 amongst the cafe owners ·Not sure - I think Aberdyfi by définition is quite a secure community -why wouldn't you invite non members to use that wonderful terrace. Maybe have member and non member drink prices? ·Definitely ·No I think keeping the bar for members but looking at the galley for a good business opportunity
We don’t want to hike membership fees. DO YOU AGREE? ·Answered: 91 ·Yes = 81 ·No= 9 ·Don’t know = 1 ·Would not object to an increase for valid reasons ·Fees must keep pace with costs etc. ·Yes. There is a limit to what it is worth to be able to drink in the bar as a social member. ·Yes could you have a fee where maybe social members could have a cheaper membership just because they don’t use the club like sailors/sports people do. ·I wonder what is the price elasticity of demand for DYC ? We have to be financially viable. ·A small rise might be possible ·TO A CERTAIN EXTENT - GOLFERS PAY DOUBLE. ·No. Sailing members should pay more. ·No - we may have to, to survive! ·If possible yes - but some initiatives/decisions might need increased revenue expenditure which should/will hopefully lead to increased income. ·If possible ·I would be willing to pay a little more. £10 from all members would generate how much more annually? ·might be necessary but increased membership would help ·Small regular increases can always be justified. ·No, if higher fees provides more member activity, its justified. ·Yes however there are already some heavily discounted fees that existing members don’t benefit from ·No. Get real. Our local tennis club in a grotty park charges more per year than the yacht club. We need to move with the times and put the prices up. We need to be more commercial. What does the golf club charge for membership? ·No, I don't agree. Membership fees may have to be increased if we can't reduce costs and generate more income. If not, the club will go bust!! No one wants to see fees go up, but we have to be realistic and acknowledge that they may need to increase if we want to remain solvent. ·If the club needs to raise fees to avoid being in debt then it should do so.The fees are not high considering the facilities provided. ·Yes. But by opening the club up selectively, this could be achieved. ·Yes/No. The fees are very reasonable and I would be willing to pay more to help invest in the clubs future. Maybe the option is to keep fees lower and make a donation or similar. ·A 'hike' will put people off potentially, but incremental increases each year will be viewed as normal in line with the cost of living, so if prices are kept the same year on year, we would effectively be going backwards and when you do want to put them up (or have to) it seems like a lot in one go. It may be worth doing a costings exercise to see where we line up with similar clubs. Personally I have always thought the fees were pretty reasonable. ·I think they are normal level for similar clubs, so I'm not sure a hike is justifiable. ·An increase is acceptable each year. ·Yes but the fees have to be realistic to cover costs ·I agree, we just need to make sure everyone who comes more than 2-3 times pays their membership ·Don’t agree. Might have to ·Yes. But be cautious A higher fees for higher value might be right thing in future.
Actions currently in progress:-We have spent a lot of time looking at the Club’s sources of income, the costs of running the building and the profitability of current activities We have run two successful open days so far this year. We are running more sailing and powerboat courses. We have kicked off ‘This Girl Can’ with help from the RYA. We have changed the sailing calendar to make it more interesting for a wider range of sailorsWe are trying Friday night sailing and maybe a change to the format of weekend sailing to attract more people. We are trialing SUP sessions with a local SUP company to bring in more Members. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ·Answered: 78 ·Skipped: 14 ·Excellent ideas. Disappointed that no one was on the water last Friday. ·When I joined Dovey Sailing Club I was 28 years of age. I am now 74 unless you can encourage younger members the club is doomed. ·Yes why not?l ·Why have you cancelled Friday evening sailing? Maybe it needed more promotion and time to get established. How about sailing on Sundays as well as Saturdays. Fridays and Sundays could be non racing which would encourage more beginners to join. And less daunting for youngsters. Need to encourage more local families so offer more for kids and their parents will help with volunteering. Fees are a bit high for locals. Other sailing clubs in N Wales seem to offer more sailing for less fee. Easier for volunteers to help on non racing days. ·All good - persevere & keep trying everything! ·All goog ·Seems a good idea ·Very commendable. ·ALL GOOD IDEAS ·Always like to try new things. ·Good way of introducing water sports to a younger age group ·We are moving in the right direction. I'd like to see a closer relationship with the rowing club because I think rowers are mostly locals. ·Friday night sailing - good. change to sailing calendar good. If only the cruisers in Cardigan Bay could be accommodated better, then the Club reputation would be enhanced on the Welsh Coast. A constant supply of visiting yachts would bring prosperity to the club and the Village. The Welsh Tourist Board needs to recognise this. Is there a grant available for this type of expansion? ·Carry on with what you’re doing ·It sounds good ·What is SUP? ·The more taster sessions to get people on the water the better. ·All new initiatives should be tried ·Great idea. ·Committee have done extremely well and committed considerable voluntary effort to keep the Club where it is today-very commendable and dedicated BUT as a sailing club has probably exhausted feasible new ideas. Hence need to explore the 'Social/Commercial' dimension in more depth whilst keeping waterborn activies to the fore and active ·All good ideas. ·A GREAT MOVE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION ·All good ·The activities so far this year have been great. Keep them coming. ·what is sup ·Very good ·don't know what a sup is ·All great ideas. I particularly enjoyed helping out with the open days. I think we should run an open day that has been prepared for a little more in advance so that it is a smoother and more professional experience for prospective future members. I do however appreciate that everything is done on a voluntary basis and it might be more difficult to have this level of offering when it is people's free time. (I include myself in this) ·All of these are good actions for the club ·Anything that helps ·Good ·All good. ·not sure ·Good idea ·Set more safety boat coverage for non-racing sailing so that new sailors who don't necessarily want to race can improve their skills. ·I think putting the open days on bank holidays when we have the most sailors wanting to race was a shame otherwise the initiatives are all good ·Contact other Clubcard open week. Local schools open day. ·Great start. We need to encourage all sorts of members. How many people with boats on moorings are members? If not, why not. We kept on getting locked out of the yacht club when we were wakeboarding in the evening- not great having to drive home in a dripping wetsuit. The club needs to be accessible. I don’t think social sailing on its own is enough- some instruction would attract more people rather than aimlessly setting off in a boat especially for children. ·I agree in principle with the open days - but don't think it is a good idea to concentrate on Bank holidays because members who only get down then go away disappointed at losing their racing. ·Good idea ·Again, please don't use jargon,what is SUP? therefore I can't comment. ·Great initiative and well done! Do we know how many new members the open day generated? Do we have a system in place for following up those people who visited on Open Day? Should we put a system in place for integrating new members into the Club more sucessfully? ·I think these are all positive steps. ·I very much support all of these new initiatives ·All worth doing ·All good stuff, but we need to do this in order to move with the times and maintain the club as the focal pint. ·THE DANGER IS WE BECOME A SUP/WINDSURFER CLUB AS OUR SAILING BASE IS SMALL/OLDER BY COMPARISON ·Good to offer as many sailing opportunities as possible! ·The current activities are about right ·Good idea, this is an excellent sport which builds confidence on the water. ·Good ·Yes to SUP kayaking etc ·Great! ·Keep up the good work ! ·Good ·Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the club!! ·All of the above sounds great. ·Awesome job! Well done for a) having the initiative to think of all these ideas and b) put them into practice. Since moving away I don't have so much direct contact with the club, but I still take a big interest as it has been a big part of my life. I think the emails that get sent out are important and show the club in a good light. If you get the emails and you are feel like you are missing out that is a good sign. Even conducting a survey like this is a great move, well done. Keep hammering the membership with what is going on, where you are moving to and what they are missing out on! ·I think we should be very cautious of moving away from the sailing focus. I have experienced several clubs quickly loosening direction by trying this. ·Great...I think more people that can have access to SUPs the better. ·Good ideas ·Great well done all. ·All sensible. Sponsorship could also help ·Sounds good, what about a tri club as well? ·Excellent initiatives All on the water. Leaving few people to ‘man the building’ You need to widen the help and assistance off the water ·All great initiatives ·Good plan ·Need to make sailing more attainable for locals who still perceive it as exclusive, local income doesn’t make club membership/courses achievable or a lot, maybe discount for local kids?? ·Opening up the club can only be a good thing if it is to thrive.
What else could we do to make the Club better for you and attract others to join? ·Answered: 72 ·Skipped: 20 ·Do look at the NLSA website especially the courses on offer at Brightling Sea. ·Only God knows ·Longer set opening hours, especially in Summer with bar food available ·Offer more sailing. Including more social sailing. ·More frequent bar opening & better publicity of hours. Even more racing on both weekend days, to make travelling more feasible. ·Do something to bring in local youth ·Years ago about 27 years ago I was willing to buy a pool table for the club. The idea being to introduce more younger people upstairs. These younger people would only be members or children of members. The table can be covered with a board when any function is held and used as a table. What is there at the moment to entice children of members upstairs? ·FIRSTLY, SEE WHAT DIFFERENCE THE ABOVE ACTIONS MAKE ·I would like to see the club open more. I think getting the right people/person to be a constant figure in the club feels like being on holiday but at home too. I think both the above would be a great start for any newbie. With the weather being so British - as in rain (lol) being open means all can meet (in the bar - raising money) & be in the same boat! Excuse the pun. Personally I would also like to see sports on the tv. This is another reason to be open hopefully raising money. Also Have qualified teachers offering a topper ride (weather permitting) to holiday makers (inc non-members) while races are on (safety boat out getting paid ) while DYC are earning money. If you don’t want to open very late maybe have happy hour then people will leave (cheeky) lol ·All local school children should be learning to sail. We have plenty of Toppers for them to use, we just need to find / finance instructors. Should be a breeding ground for local sailors. ·The sailing should be less seasonal as DYC fortnight dates don't necessarily suit all visitors. Are the local youngsters encouraged to go sailing, perhaps the schools would be interested? ·Just tell friends how good it is ·Have cheaper meals on offer but still healthy ones eg jacket potatoes with salad and various fillings ·To be honest less of a drinking Club to a more rounded one of nautical interest. ·Improve the ambiance. ·reduce cost of social membership and remove 'free membership' then ensure all users are members with perhaps a card system as at the golf club. ·Make more proactive moves to improve relationships with the golf club, hotels pubs & restaurants and businesses ·The bar being open more often, especially after sailing (which in fairness, it has been this year) - please keep that going. ·See above ·Not sure ·WHAT YOU ARE DESCRIBING ABOVE IS REALLY GOOD ·Great as it is ·More food and dining options. ·open more in summer months ·Get more members to be involved! ·The existing members could be more active on 'normal' weekends with a higher level of participation in sailing events. When there are more people around it creates a 'buzz' around the club that would naturally encourage others to want to be part of it. The caveat still remains though that, for many, this is a second home so membership population at any one time will fluctuate. ·Have a more informative website ·Overseas membership for people who only visit in peak times eg only here for 2 weeks of summer and one in Easter. Organise more social nights/parties to help make a community in the club ·More open bar hours ·I just go with the flow. Anything extra (like above suggestions) on offer should make it more attractive for others to join. ·Could the Rowing Club be somehow more included ·Let out the upstairs during winter to local clubs e.g. Bridge club ·Maybe refurb the bar area to make it more attractive to a wider demographic. ·Teenage stuff inc parties & easier water sports including boats to hire adventure stuff inc interesting places to sail & camp (hard in estuary) plus stuff they can boast about on social media ·The club house need to be open more regular as at present most people haven’t got a clue if it’s open or closed. Vending machine for drinks and snacks whilst the bar is closed could be obtained as another source of income. Members could have pre paid card that they can use to buy drinks at a discounted price and non members will then be charged an enhanced rate as they are non paid members. Safety boat/ bar employees seem to be getting paid above average wages which is not sustainable for the club . ·Improve communication by email to members on last minute sailing/ weather conditions. Not a fan of Whatapp, prefer email or text. ·Nothing really.I think we as a family have moved on and lots of things which would have helped us as a family to sail have happened in more recent years . A club policy which allows members with their own boats to take friends out in club double handlers for a day or two without charge would be good ·Winch for motherboard up the slopes. More and better lasers. ·Open days need to be followed by a definite package. Membership, instruction, boat hire- not go online and see if anything is available by which time the enthusiasm has waned. If the courses are full then the members have wasted their time taking people out. They are not going to join if we can’t offer a package for beginners. I think the ladies and gents loos and the changing rooms should have a code to enter. I regularly have seen people walking in off the beach to use the facilities and we have had stuff stolen in the past. Most people leave their phone/ keys in the changing rooms where anyone can just walk in. ·Coffee Mornings Afternoon Teas Drinks to take to beach ·Refurbished of the function room, a new look maybe ·I think Bank Holidays, and weekends during Dovey Fortnight, should still be "stand-alone" rather than overlapping with the Monday to Friday. I also think a Personal Handicap series rather than the Pursuit races would generate more continuing interest. ·Make non sailing families feel more welcome ·More social events ,informal , band / music nights ·Overall I'm quite happy with the way things are going. ·The building is looking tired and needs a makeover - however I do accept that finances don't permit this to happen at the moment. However, I do think we should develop plans as to what we want the Clubhouse to be like in the future - having a vision will help the committee develop an action plan. I also suggest that DYC produces a 5 year plan which is shared with all members at the AGM and via the website, so that everyone can see and understand our longer term goals. This will also help the committee remain focussed on bigger picture issues and longer term objectives and not one distracted by short-term distractions. ·I believe that the steps above are pretty positive moves toward this goal ·More live music ·Be flexible, so that if there are a lot of people around on a fine summer day, open the bar. ·COULD WE HAVE A ROTA OF MEMBERS WHO WOULD BE AVAILABLE TO TAKE OR SUPERVISE PEOPLE SAILING IN THE SUMMER EVENINGS WHEN THE WEATHER/TIDES ARE GOOD ·can't think of anything ·I am now retired from sailing, I want a good social club I can enjoy and watch others on the water ·Maybe have more social sailing which will venture out of the estuary . A good use of the club Wayfarer and Gp’s ·We would sign on for more courses if the dates were available further in advance so we can plan trips around them ·The position of the club should sell itself ·Smarten up the bar area ·Regular and public opening times. People on hand to give advice about how the club works and membership. Even as a member for the last 5 years there are days where it is impossible to get information about how/ when to get equipment out. ·Not sure I am a new member. ·As above. You are doing a great job. Take heart from that and keep going with all you are doing. ·Continue to make efforts to draw in new members from the area. Particularly across the other side of the Dyfi as there must be a number of people in the Aberystwyth area who have sailed at sometime in the past. ·Support other sports...Kite Surfing seems popular and more facilities and storage for them might be fruitful. ·Make the club DOG FRIENDLY Regular talks/social meetings during winter months, maybe linked to simple supper nights ·More exciting race courses. More intro sailing, accessing other water sport users. ·Co ordinated club clothing. Cap, shirt, rugby shirt, pullovers etc ·Use the facilities more as a rental income ·Certainly more opening times ESP in holiday season ·Have more social sailing at holiday time ·Improve galley to open regularly offering a professional catering operation ·Offer food. ·Easier access to bar area.
What could you do to help? ·Answered: 67 ·Skipped: 25 ·To sail more - but journey time (distance) and weather play a big part in deciding when to sail. ·Carry on being a good social member. ·We turn up to support functions and the club generally. We can’t offer more ·I could help beginners with rigging boats and sailing help. Can help with open days and membership drives. ·Anything, within reason! Just need to be asked. ·Very difficult to be committed because we can not be sure of accommodation at all times. Submitted by Grant Hickson (senior) ·MAKE USE OF FACILITIES AND SUPPORT EVENTS ON OFFER ·My qualities are probably catering or hospitality - I would be interested in maybe having a Sunday breakfast club ? Or afternoon tea at the dyc. Always open to help but can not commit as much as I would like but can definitely sort something I’m sure. ·Fix stuff Analyze accounts etc. ·Try and do some social events ·Contribute with others to a musical evening with sea shanties and poetry. Play the guitar for some songs. ·Good question? ·When I retire I hope to spend more time in Aberdovey and become a more active member ·Offer advice and support ·To be honest, I think I do quite a lot already but I'm always willing to do more. ·Give me 20 years back and that might be an easier question! ·Not sure ·I AM ONLY A SOCIAL MEMBER SO CURRENTLY I CAN'T DO MUCH AND I LIVE AWAY ·Support in fund raising ·I’ll help if I can . You only need to ask. Maybe start posting things that need to be organised or any help needed on a Wednesday or Friday night when everyone is there for drinks ·I already do as much as I can I c ·Would help with social activities ·pay my sub. ·I am happy to be an active volunteer and, when asked, will help where I can. I do need to be a helper as opposed to an organiser as I work full time and do not feel I could give the time required for this role. ·I could pass on the views from younger members ·Help organise events during peak seasons when we're visiting as we only get 2 weeks down there in the summer ·See previous comments. Holidays students would welcome income rather than asking members who are on holiday. ·Ask me? ·I am happy to help and advise but do not wish to be on a committee. ·assist with race duties ·Anything you want when I’m around plus remote things when not ·I offer my services on a regular basis ·Provide more safety boat cover, however we need a way to access the safety boats on short noticed that doesn't require six persons to pull the tub trailer from the water. ·Sorry not here this summer ·Bar, galley, race assist etc as I already do . ·Not sure ·Carry on doing “stuff” as I do now. ·Volunteer more ·Volunteer behind the bar ·Always happy to help with maintenance. ·I'm always happy to help in any practical way I can. ·Be in Dovey more! Which is the plan. ·Hire the club for a corporate event to raise funds ·When down there I could help in the bar. ·I WOULD BE HAPPY TO HELP AT CLUB EVENTS ·limited in time availability to do much more ·Very little as a non resident of Aberdyfi and retried. ·I am now helping inland at Telford as a DI. I could help at Dovey occasionally, time permitting. ·Support events ·Willing to help with tasks but find it hard to commit to dates ·Make more visits as a social member ·Run a regular ‘BBQ’ in the summer to raise funds. Employ young teenagers to run the bar and club so that it is a regular place to go. ·We are only occasional holiday visitors but keen to support the club... ·Not sure I am a new member. ·Alas, I wish I could do more but it is a bit harder these days. However, Don asked me to PRO for the GP areas next year and I said I would be delighted to along with any other big events you may have planned that require people for those roles. Good excuse to visit. Keep up the good work guys and look forward to seeing you soon, Rupert ·Currently my time is right particularly around weekends but I may be able to offer some time coaching. ·I try to volunteer when we can on clean-up days, but we struggle given our permanent residence is so far away...but would love to be more involved. When are young kids get old enough to sail on their own we will be there a lot more. ·Help with the above ·Love to but too far away now, although we can help on big events if required x ·More volunteering ·I’m more than happy to help in anyway I can ·Over the years and in the past I have cooked dinners, served dinners cleaned, washed up, organised parties ( New Year) helped events at Dovey fortnight Quizzes Try- Athlon. Working parties BBQ . My volunteering days are over ·As I have more time to spend in Aberdyfi, I would like to do more. In short term I will provide the coffee for the club FOC. Will SM ·Happy to volunteer wherever I can ·Happy to help in whichever way. ·Stop working so hard and be able to spend more time in Aberdovey! (In a couple of years ...)

A full program of events every year