The Club was founded in 1949, and a timeline can be found below in relation to the development over time to the Club we know and love today.

If you are interested in reading more about the Dovey Yacht Club we can recommend the following book, copies of which can be found at the Club.

"The Beginnings of the Dovey Yacht Club" by Searson Thompson.

We are proud for our historial tie to the GP14, whcih features the Aberdyfi Bell emblem,  and are hosting the Welsh National Championship 2022 at DYC. 

DYC Commodores (Photo Left)

Top Row Bill Bracewell, David Tildesley Meryl Gover Michael Blamair-Brown, John Alcock Pete Benson

Bottom Row John Benbow, Searson Thompson Jane Grainger, Steve Round, John Tildesley

Photo by Colin Grainger


Captain M Rowlands



Brigadier Templar



James Nesbit Evans Esq.



E. Howard Davies



Colonel David H Tildesley.



Searson J Thompson Esq.



Ralf Davies Esq.



Philip Thompson Esq.



Searson J Thompson Esq.



David G Benbow Esq.



Arthur C Richardson Esq.



Walter Brindley Esq.



Stanley N Bottrill Esq.



Albert H Evans Esq.



Brian S Whittaker Esq.



Jeff Pearce Esq.



David Collins Esq.



David G Benbow Esq.



Robert F Heywood Esq.



J.C.A.Tildesley Esq.



Meryl Gover



Bill Bracewell



Michael Blamire-Brown



John Alcock



Timothy A. Brown Esq.



Peter Benson Esq.



Stephen Round Esq.



Jane Grainger



Robin Druett Esq.



Bob Usher Esq.



Jacqui Bracewell



Bob Usher Esq.



Des George Esq.


This is a transcription of the board at the top of the stairs leading to the lounge.  The Commodore would like to continue entries to the present year.  Former Commodores and members are asked to forward suggested important events etc., with year, to the Commodore. 

 The Ebb and Flow of the Club’s History from 1949

1949                First meeting of Dovey Sailing Club held in Bryn Awel Aberdovey

                        Members’ subscription was 2/6d.    

1950                Captain Rowlands – Admiral - later Commodore
                        No sailing on Sundays
                        43 Members
                        First trials of G.P.14

                        Silting up a problem
The original Club House
 Old Club House

1951                Commodore: Brigadier Templar
                        Bell logo adopted for G.P.14 boats
                        Whist drive in aid of funds
                        Sailing rules drawn up
                        Subscription rose to 5/-
                        Clubroom - Celtic House

                        D.S.C. asked to form committee for proposed Y.G.P.14 ‘o’ boat

1952                Commodore: James N. Evans
                        Headed note paper
                        Ration permit renewed

                        Offer of clubroom in the ‘Brit’

1953                Commodore: E. Howard Davies
                        Coronation arrangements
                        1st accident insurance policy
                        Membership cards
                        Badges – silver 7/6d – chrome 3/6d

                        Club ties

1954                Commodore: E. Howard Davies
                        Beach shelter renovated
                        Starting cannon renovated

                        D.S.C. represented on G.P.14 Association Committee

1955                Commodore: E. Howard Davies
                       Club’s original minute book lost

                        Meetings in Celtic House

1956                Commodore: E. Howard Davies
                        Starting races by gun not allowed on Sundays
                        Decline in membership

                        Welsh Championships

1957                Commodore: E. Howard Davies
                        76 railway sleepers (7/- ea) used to facilitate boat recovery

                        Keys problem with clubhouse

1958                Commodore: E. Howard Davies
                        ‘Moth’ boat proposed as class
                        Storage room acquired behind Jones’ ironmongers
                        ‘Working ladies’ consulted
                        Finance - credit balance £100.10s.0d

                        Untidy clubroom complaint

1959                Commodore: David H. Tildesley
                        Motor horn instead of gun to start races
                        G.P.14 terylene sails not permitted
                        Finance - credit balance £221.8s.7d.

                        J.B. Tyler becomes G.P.14 national champion

1960                Commodore: David H. Tildesley
                        Sailing club car badges 10/6d
                        Rent of club shelter £3.6.3 half year
                        Terylene sails allowed
                        Press secretary appointed

                        Finance – credit balance £315.15s.2p

1961                Commodore: David H. Tildesley
                        Institute approached for clubhouse room rental

                        Annual dinner dance held at George Hotel - Walsall

1962                Commodore: David H. Tildesley
                        Rumblings of a possible new clubhouse on foreshore
                        Club ‘stickers’ on masts

                        A bench seat for club members proposed
Royal Visit i963

1963                Commodore: Searson J. Thompson
                        £500 invested in Defence Bonds

                        Subscriptions £3.3.0d pa

1964                Commodore: Searson J. Thompson

                        Club constitution rules completely revised

1965                Commodore: Ralph Davies
                        Advert for Cleaner 30/-per week

                        Church services held

1966                Commodore: Ralph Davies
                        A.G. Meetings to be held in August

                        Cost of cleaning clubhouse 30/- a week

1967                Commodore: Philip Thompson
                        Foreshore development going ahead
                        Three offshore racing buoys lost

                        First G.R.P. GP14 on show in Aberdovey

1968                Commodore: Searson J. Thompson
                        Clubhouse outline planning approval received. Est cost £7,790
                        Proposal for water ski-ing

1969                Commodore: Searson J. Thompson
                        Fund raising for new club house
                        Dovey Sailing Club becomes Dovey Yacht Club

                        Sailing to water-bourne activities

1970                Commodore: David G. Benbow
                        Work goes ahead for new clubhouse

                        Donation to retiring President R.Y.A. HRH Prince Philip

1971                Commodore: David G. Benbow
                        D.Y.C. and G.P.14 featured in G.P.14 Mainsail Magazine
                        Club celebrated its 21st birthday and opening of new clubhouse

The New Club House

                        Cutter race

1972                Commodore: Arthur C. Richardson
                        Dinghy park tarmacademed
                        Club acquires its own rescue boat

1973                Commodore: Arthur C. Richards
                        Problems with power boats

                        Fuel shortage

                        Annual dinner & dance – Corbett Arms

1974                Commodore: Walter Brindley
                        Boat lease granted 28 years
                        Club finances good
                        Galley charges Tea 5p, Coffee 7p

                        Annual Dinner Dance Parlours Hall Bridgnorth

1975                Commodore: Walter Brindley
                        Starting cannon stolen
                        53 GP14s / 4 Solos / 21 Mirrors / 27 odds and sods

                        Dinner Dance Mount Hotel Wolverhampton

1976                Commodore: Stanley N. Bottrill
                        Junior boat ownership thriving
                        General water shortage

                        Clywedog SC seeks permission to sail in estuary

1977                Commodore: Stanley N. Bottrill
                        Membership 267
                        New safety boat

                        Newsletter proposed

1978                Commodore: Albert H. Evans
                        First issue of ‘Dovey Bell’ – journal of DYC
                        Picnic Island proposals
                        Dinghy fleet 14 G.P.14/mirror/solo

                        ‘Singing’ halyard

1979                Commodore: Brian Whittaker
                        OOD’s to wear arm bands

                        New Treasurer reports OK except for 6p unaccounted for

1980                Commodore: Brian Whittaker
                        40 solo’s racing
                        Senior citizen membership £1

                        125 moored craft in estuary

1981                Commodore: Jeff Pearce
                        Finances in the ‘red’

                        Toppers rated unsuitable for the estuary

1982                Commodore: Jeff Pearce
                        Prince Charles and Diana ‘call in’
                        Host for Welsh Mirror Class Open

                        Sailboard Open

1983                Commodore: David Collins
                        Membership 156

                        Clubhouse timberwork deteriorating

1984                Commodore: David Collins
                        Club finances healthy again
                        Balcony renovated (balustrade)

                        Sailing attendances down

1985                Commodore: David Collins
                        More sand problems
                        Over 50’s attend course in Cowes I.O.W. for solo’s – David Benbow

                                & Vic Gowers represent D.Y.C.

1986                Commodore: David Collins
                        Decline in dinghy sailors
                        Increase in sailboarders

                        Club accused of becoming a ‘gin’ palace

1987                Commodore: David Benbow
                        Objections to new clubhouse
                        ‘Graduate’ national championships
                        Annual dinner dance Penmaendovey
                        Sand silting problem

                        Objections to ‘drinks’ licence

1988                Commodore: David Benbow
                        Cutter race revived

                        £50,000 needed for new clubhouse

1989                Commodore: David Benbow

                        Whitbred Round the World Race – Archy Coghill in ‘Integrity’ lying First with
                                 2,000 miles to go
                        Annual dinner & dance in Aberdovey for first time at ‘Plas Penhelig’

1990                Commodore: David Benbow
                        Two yacht club boats compete in Three Peaks Race
                        Serge trains 27 new members

                        8 cruisers sail to Ireland

1991                Commodore: Robert F. Heywood
                        New clubhouse opened

                        Visits from H.M.S. ‘Aberdovey’ and H.M.S. ‘Dovey’

1992                Commodore: Robert F. Heywood
                        Yacht club wins Carnival trophy
                        First handbook with names and addresses proposed

                        New rescue inflatable acquired

1993                Commodore: J.C.A. Tildesley
                       Visit from Ocean Club ‘Francis Drake’ 65’  ketch – Charlie meets the skipper – a female!

                        Stan Hugill plaque unveiled by Tony Davis of the ‘Spinners’

1994                Commodore: J.C.A. Tildesley
                        The refuge collapses

                        Revised constitution drawn up

1995                Commodore: J.C.A. Tildesley
                        Membership 300

                        V.A.T recovered

1996                Commodore : J.C.A. Tildesley
                        Lounge improvements
                        Bar ‘broken’ into

                        Bristol Festival of the Sea ‘Bonnie’ ‘Tremay’ and ‘Bootlegger’ attend

1997                Commodore: Meryl Glover
                        ‘Gambit’ Sigma 38’ finishes Ninth overall in 24 hour race Cowes I.O.W.
                        David and Sheila Morris ‘Bonnie’ competed and finished Peking Paris Race for vintage cars

1998                Commodore: Meryl Glover
                        ‘Gambit’ brings home the ‘silverware’ from National Championships in Cork, Ireland

1999                Commodore: Bill Bracewell
                        Club finances healthy
                        Youth sailing and training week successful

                        Des George masterminds new ‘Dory’ safety boat

2000                Commodore: Bill Bracewell


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