Training Courses

 We are still unable to plan with any certainty hopwever we are penciling in the following dates 

1st and 2nd Junior 1/2
3rd and 4th Junior2/3
5th and 6th Adult 1/2
10th and 11th Junior 1/2
12th and 13th Junior2/3
14th and 15th Adult 1/2

 Please contact us if interested in the above dates or if you would like other dates to suit you.

Also Contact us if you want to book powerboat training


 When we have more certainty we will set up the booking system with webcollect

The courses we run usually include the following:
Start Sailing (Level 1)
Day One - Rigging, launch, recovery, wind awareness, sailing across the wind, turning(tacking)
Day Two - Stopping, sailing upwind and downwind, understands capsize recovery
Basic Skills (Level 2)
Day One -  Rigging according to weather, basic understanding of sail set, balance, trim, course made good,  and centreboard
Day Two - Rope work, demonstrate capsize recovery, basic racing
Better Sailing (Level 3) 
Day One - Practice and development of sailing techniques, effectively applying 5 essentials, race rules
Day Two -  Sailing theory, meteorology, use of different boats
Race Coaching
We also run race training weekends for aspirant racers and regular weekly training sessions for local juniors.
In addition to sailing courses we also offer Power Boat level 2Safety Boat and First Aid courses for club volunteers. These courses are offered to encourage more members to help with the running of the club, and are therefore heavily subsidised.
To book a specific course, click through to our webcollect booking system


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