Club policies and legal points  updated Feb 26th 2022 

As a well run Club we abide by a number of policies and legalities.

 The key legal documents are our Articles of association

Articles of Association 2015

DYC Byylaws May 2016

Our Standard Operating Procedures 

these  are planned, agreed and tested ways of running operations at the club to make them safe and enjoyably for all. All volunteers and employees must read these and acknowledge that they have done so by filling the box at the bottom

25 Feb DYC CHD 2022 Safety and Operating Procedures

Major incident - Noticeboard Poster

We have  a number of agreed DYC policies based on RYA templates 


Code of Conduct - Safeguarding Adults 25 Feb 22
Safeguarding Adults Policy and Guidelines 25 Feb 22
Code of Conduct - Safeguarding Children 25 Fen 22
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Guidelines 25 Feb 22

Equality Policy 25 Feb 22

Social Media

Social Media Policy and code of conduct
Code of Conduct - Social Media 25 Feb 22


GDPR Data Protection Policy 25 Feb 22
Grievance Policy and Procedures 25 Feb 22
Disciplinary and Complaints Policy and Procedures 25 Feb 22

Procedures and Forms

Sample Contract of employment
Dyfi Policy Statement on Volunteering
Recruitment ex offenders an RYA Guide
Safety Crew Personal Induction form 25 Feb 22
Volunteer Self disclosure form 25 Feb 22

 Please complete this for our records acknowledging that you have read the relevant document.


 I have read and understood the documents I have listed above.

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